Truffle and potato pizzette


People are passionate about double carbs, and I protect my right to them fiercely more than ever when every other wellness blogger is telling us to give up precious pasta and replace everything with courgette noodles. Double carbs must not be forgotten. Indians are excellent at double carbs, and so are the Italians – you’ve only got to look at pasta alla genovese for that, but there’s also pizza!

Which wonderful person first thinly sliced potatoes and layered them up on a pizza base with a seasoning and oil and popped it in the oven? 


We’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to Florence (more on that soon!), which bought back memories of our first trip to Italy, Rome four years ago. At one of the many hole in the wall style pizzerias, Pizza Florida, we tried the truffle pizza – thinly sliced truffle and potato and a little cheese on top of a olive oil enriched pizza based. Oh it was wonderful!

Truffles of decent quality are hard to come by in the UK, so I’d only ever recreated this recipe with truffle oil, but it does need to be made with the real deal. Thankfully for those in Cambridge, there’s a new truffle supplier in town! Truffleface are a new importer based in Cambridge, selling fresh summer and autumn truffles alongside oil and pasta. They kindly gave me a summer truffle to create this recipe.


I made this pizza with the truffle back in August, you can also use Autumn truffles now the season has come around. Perfect on pizza but shave them onto anything else you want – carbonara, sandwiched into a cheese toastie or folded into scrambled eggs. I recommend you get yourself one and go all out on truffles for a few days.


Truffle Pizzette
makes four small 7-inch pizzas

For the pizza dough:

500g bread flour or Tipo 00 flour
1 tsp table salt
1 x 7g sachet of instant yeast
1 tablespoon of sugar
40ml of olive oil
350ml warm water

You can make the dough by hand or using a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook, the instructions below work for both.

In a mixing jug add the warm water and then the yeast, sugar and olive. Leave to stand for 5 minutes until the yeast foams.

In a large bowl (or the bowl of your stand mixer) add the flour and then create a well in the centre before pouring in the yeast and water mixture. Stir together with a spatula, and then start to knead with your hands or using the dough hook on your mixer.

Knead / mix until the dough is smooth and elastic, about 5 minutes for both methods. You may need to use your hands towards the end if you’re using the mixer, just to bring it together into a smooth ball. Dust with flour and then add back to the bowl and leave to prove for one hour in a warm, dry place.

In the meantime, prep your toppings.

For the topping

3-4 small new potatoes, skins on and scrubbed clean
1/4 of a summer truffle
extra virgin olive oil
50g of mozzarella, shredded (the blocks of ‘mozzarella for pizza’ are best)

Very thinly slice your potatoes, either using a mandolin (with a guard!) or with a sharp knife. Soak in water for 30 minutes, drain and pat dry just before use.

Preheat your oven to 220 c / gas mark 7 and put your pizza tray or baking tray in the oven to heat up.

Split the dough into 4 small balls, you may have leftover dough which you can freeze in a sandwich bag. Roll into small pizzette and then top with one layer of potato mixture. Shave a small amount of truffle (using a vegetable peeler) onto each pizza before drizzling with olive oil and adding a sprinkling of salt and cheese. We’ll add more truffle when they come out of the oven!

Remove your baking tray and pop some baking parchment onto it. Bake the pizzette for 10-15 minutes on your preheated baking tray until the potatoes are crisp and the cheese golden. Top with extra shaved truffle and serve immediately.

Truffleface sent me a truffle to review (well actually Will, the founder, kindly delivered it to my office!).

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