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Rich sweet potato and black bean chilli

A substantial vegan chilli made with sweet potato and beans and some surprising ingredients that add oomph and meatiness.

How can a vegetarian chilli have the same oomph as the meaty original? You have to pack in as much savoury flavour as possible. I raided the kitchen cupboards for this, finding anything with that rich umami flavour to add in to the mix.


Halloumi Caesar Salad

halloumi caesar salad

What’s the longest you’ve taken to get round to something? I made this recipe over 2 years ago. I have actually made it since but this remains the best photograph of this recipe, but it’s been hidden away in my phone waiting to be shared here.

I remember this recipe particularly well because I made it on the day before we moved out of our rented house to our very first home. (more…)