Hello! I’m Deepa and this is my food blog. That’s me in a sari, read on to find out more…Deepa Mistry

What is the Food Mela Blog?

Mela loosely translates as being festival or carnival in Hindi, this blog reflects that and is a mixture of Indian recipes, baking, restaurant reviews and everything in between that is about food. You’ll find me on social networks always talking and snapping pictures of food, and this place is somewhere where this is more organised and informative!

Mela is also the (new) name for my jewellery business, find it here.

Who writes the Food Mela Blog?

Deepa – the one up there! I’m the face, cook and writer behind this blog, I am a jewellery maker and food lover/obsessive. I live in Cambridgeshire with my husband and two cuddly cats. We (husband and I, rather than the animals) like to spend our weekends going out for cosy cup of coffee or a brilliant place for lunch, Sunday afternoons are often reserved for jewellery making or baking, cooking or recipe testing.

bateta powa-003
What will I find here?

This blog is about the things that inspire me to cook and bake, I am inspired by all kinds of things – plenty of brilliant blogs, seasons, TV programmes, Twitter, herbs and spices. I love adding Indian spices to different dishes, especially desserts – banana cardamom bread, chai masala cake or a pinch of garam masala in a warming winter soup. I’m the kind of person who is always craving something, and my ‘to bake’ list is longer than most cookbooks.

cinnamon and pecan rollsFavourite things

Tea from a proper tea pot, chai masala, homemade custard, avocados, new hammers (jewellery making!), macaroni cheese, real bread, new shoes, sterling silver and cookbooks.

Want to work with me?

If you’d like to work with me or have some exciting food news do get in touch with your product, restaurant or anything else food-related! I accept some sponsored posts or reviews from brands if they are relevant to my blog and something my audience would like to read.

I also take on freelance food writing projects, recipe testing and recipe development, with a focus on Indian food and baking.

You can contact me directly by email – deepa@foodmela.co.uk

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