Tomato Salsa from Mexican Food Made Simple

Mexican food is one of my favourite foods, and I have really been enjoying Mexican Food Made Simple on Tuesday nights, and I am a big fan of Wahaca. I gave the salsa recipe a go to stuff in to some burritos because it seemed so simple and quite authentic.

The dry roasting of the tomatoes and garlic is a great idea, much much quicker than roasting in the oven and both come out just as juicy and flavoursome as oven roasting. I was amazed at how well the garlic roasted like this, even in my dodgy frying pan. I blitzed mine the food processor instead of my pestle and mortar so it was a bit more liquid but because it was quite spicy you only needed to use a little anyway!

I subbed half a chipotle in adobo chili instead of a fresh jalapeno, as I’d forgotten to buy fresh chilis. I assume fresh green chilis would work the same as a jalapeno. The chipotle gave it a nice warm smoky finish to add to the charred taste from the tomatoes.

I served it with traditional burrito fillings – spicy black beans, mexican rice, sour cream, cheese and tortillas.
This recipe makes a lot so there will be plenty left over for other things. I am going to use mine to top a steak and jazz up my cous cous at lunchtime.

The next recipes I want to try are the griddled pineapple with rum caramel and the chorizo and potato quesadilla. And I will attempt homemade corn tortillas once I’ve got the frying pan situation sorted out.

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