The Nutribox Review – March

After feeling a little bit like I was made up of 50% butter after too much excessive dessert eating I decided I’d give The Nutribox ago. I spotted a discount on Laura’s blog for 50% off a box so I decided that I needed to ditch the snickers and start snacking a bit better.

My compact box arrived in the post a week or so after ordering (they ship them at the same time each month) the boxes are letterbox friendly so no traipsing to the post office with your ‘sorry you were out’ card. For £12.95 you get a selection of 8-10 snacks in their ‘mini box’ – you can also order a large box which is 16-20 snacks for £25.00. And you can get 25% off your first box.

I’ve just received my April minibox, but as I’ve not eaten my way through it yet here is my review of the March box, which I very much enjoyed – I gave Mr a chance to try some too although only sparingly 😉

The box came with two raw chocolate ‘Om Bars,’ a Bounce Ball, a Braw Apple & Pear bar, some dried fruit and nuts from the Ludlow Nut Company (who are awesomely called Ludlow Nutters on Twitter), Raw Cacao Crisp Energy Bomb and a Mrs Wallflower Candy energy bar.

The bounce ball was my favourite! I think this is because it isn’t a raw product, I don’t mind raw but aren’t things so much better when they are toasted? It had cashew and pecan along with brown rice malts (nicer than it sounds), grape juice, sesame seeds and a little sea salt. It was nutty and sweet enough with some nice toastiness – I think some chocolate would make it taste like a ferrero rocher!

The Pulsin’ Energy Bomb was second on my list of favourites- it was a raw chocoalte chewy bar with crispy rice inside, which made it feel like a real treat, like a proper chocolate bar. I didn’t get one in my April box so I’ll be buying separately. 

I quite like Nakd bars but not usually the fruit ones, I prefer the cocoa ones (being the chocoholic I am) so I wasn’t too sure about this Apple & Pear Braw bar – but it was surprisingly good. It was oaty so it was a little like cereal bar, and it was quite sweet which was perfect for my sweet tooth. I’ve got a blackcurrant one and a chocolate orange one in my April box!

The nuts and fruit from Ludlow Nut Company were, well, nuts and fruit, good for a nibble at my desk. I can’t say much about them really! I have a goji berry mix (yuk, can’t stand goji berries) and an all nut mix this month. I have noticed the Ludlow Nutters also sell muesli, porridge mixes and cereal bars so they look a little more interesting – maybe you get these in the bigger nutribox?
The Om Bars were nice, I have had ‘raw chocolate’ before and it can be a little powdery or too squidgy, but the Om Bars are less so. They are very intense, being dairy and sugar free, but give you that chocolate hit which is what I am certainly often looking for!
Overall I really like the Nutribox, it was a good mix of simple things for a health food beginner and more adventurous treats for the die hard health food ‘enthusiast.’ I used to get Graze boxes but stopped due to the fruit and nuts being a little boring but the other more interesting items being unhealthy (foccaccia, flapjacks etc). Items in the Nutribox is all good healthy food (although despite being health food you should take heed that the protein bars might be more calorific) and it also means you find lots of interesting new small brands. 
I’ll be enjoying my next April box, I’ve already eaten the Bounce Ball (carob and walnuts this time, and it was great) and the chilli cashews.
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