The Boy Who Bakes

I love a good food programme, I will watch most of them and feel very hungry afterwards. I really enjoyed watching the Great British Bake Off, mainly because they covered so many areas and it has given me loads of ideas.

I got  Ed Kimber’s, the winner of the first series, book for Christmas. Looking for something simple to make one day with a large craving for cake that I wanted to quickly satisfy, I made the ‘Peaches and Cream Cake,’ but with some cooking apples I had in my fruit bowl.

It is a lovely cake, quite creamy (is it says) and the caramel and fruit is just lovely. I have lots of other recipes queued up to try, I think the PB & J bars are next.

It is a lovely book, beautifully shot (unlike my photographs) but not too arty and there are loads and loads of recipes inside. I’m going to try his macaron recipe too, see if I can improve on previous attempts.

You can buy the book from most bookshops, and do look at his blog too:

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  1. picciolo
    January 29, 2012 at 9:27 pm (7 years ago)

    hi, that sounds like a good book, your cake looks yummy!
    : )


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