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Truffle and potato pizzette


People are passionate about double carbs, and I protect my right to them fiercely more than ever when every other wellness blogger is telling us to give up precious pasta and replace everything with courgette noodles. Double carbs must not be forgotten. Indians are excellent at double carbs, and so are the Italians – you’ve only got to look at pasta alla genovese for that, but there’s also pizza!

Which wonderful person first thinly sliced potatoes and layered them up on a pizza base with a seasoning and oil and popped it in the oven?  (more…)

Rome Style Pizza – Pizza Al Taglio

Pizza Rosso 2

We spent our holiday in Rome three years ago existing on pizza and gelato, it was pretty sweet. Rome style ‘pizza al taglio’ is cut to the size you’d like from a large tray, warmed and handed to you wrapped in paper, the perfect takeaway. (more…)