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Muttar paneer

muttar paneer recipe food melaI’ve talked a lot about paneer in the past, there are already five recipes for paneer on this blog and there are many more I will share with you – that’s a promise! There aren’t many Indian people who won’t start waxing lyrical if mention paneer, and even fewer who will turn their nose up at it. (more…)

Palak Paneer {Paneer with spinach}

palalkpaneerThere is seemingly no end to the delicious things you can do with paneer, and here is another one to add to your list. Palak paneer, or paneer bhaji in Gujarati, is cubes of fried paneer simmered in a lush spinach sauce flavoured with fenugreek, onion and plenty of ginger. (more…)

Warm Paneer Salad

BtATg2pIUAAVraH As it always is when returning from a holiday, I crave vegetables when we come back. We’ve just returned from 5 lovely days in Cornwall where we became very well acquainted with the local delicacies of proper fish and chips and clotted cream.


Homemade Paneer

homemade paneer-003Make your own cheese! Homemade paneer is surprisingly easy, and you only need two ingredients – whole milk and lemon juice. You just need to slowly boil milk, add the lemon and then strain when it separates into curds and whey. (more…)