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Chocolate banana bread

chocolate banana bread

I try to pretend that banana bread is a valid breakfast food, especially if sprinkled with oats or nuts, but in this case adding chocolate firmly puts banana bread into the cake category. This is one of the best ways of making chocolate cake, you get squidgy-ness from the bananas and a beautiful crisp top, much like a brownie. If we’re calling it bread you could even slice it up and serve it with nutella. Just a suggestion.

Sticky Toffee Brownies

sticky toffee brownie 3.JPG
In the last month or so we have moved in to our first home (no more landlords!), I started a lovely new job in the heart of Cambridge and we’ve enjoyed a fabulous long weekend in Dublin. I made these brownies after we’d unpacked the essentials and my bigger, new kitchen was screaming bake something!

Sticky toffee brownies are the best a way to christen a new pad! The smell of baking certainly makes a house feel like home, and taking a break from unpacking to melt chocolate, weigh flour and set a kitchen timer was much appreciated.  (more…)

Chocolate & Coconut ‘Bounty’ Cake

Bounty cake-001As a teenager I was hopelessly addicted to chocolate, on the way home from school I would visit the corner shop and spend my pocket money, and later my hard earned paper round money, on a bar of my current favourite chocolate. Top of the list were Bounty bars, along with Wispas and the sadly departed Fuse Bar. There was a novelty about Bountys, maybe it was the two sections that made them different, or the ‘taste of paradise’ ad campaign which made them seem more exotic than a chocolate bar purchased from a newsagent in Northampton in the late 90s.

Inspired by one of my favourite chocolate bars, I baked this ‘Bounty’ cake for a recent Clandestine Cake Club meet – the theme of which was retro sweets and chocolate bars. The sponge is light and to emulate the milky chocolate and the cake is sandwich with whipped up cream with a dash of coconut milk and toasted desiccated coconut folded in. It’s not a rich chocolate cake but a light, sweet treat which pays homage to the sweet bar. (more…)