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Rye chocolate brownies

rye brownies

Something needs to be done about the amount of brownie recipes I’ve published and the amount of brownies I bake. It is out of control. But this one is worth writing about, promise.

There’s something about brownies that makes me want to keep finding newer, better recipes and different ways of flavouring them. They’re one of the most satisfying baked goods – they’re easy to make and fancy enough to be a wonderful dessert but down to earth enough for a little something in the afternoon with a cup of tea. (more…)

Sticky Toffee Brownies

sticky toffee brownie 3.JPG
In the last month or so we have moved in to our first home (no more landlords!), I started a lovely new job in the heart of Cambridge and we’ve enjoyed a fabulous long weekend in Dublin. I made these brownies after we’d unpacked the essentials and my bigger, new kitchen was screaming bake something!

Sticky toffee brownies are the best a way to christen a new pad! The smell of baking certainly makes a house feel like home, and taking a break from unpacking to melt chocolate, weigh flour and set a kitchen timer was much appreciated.  (more…)