Sunday supper #1

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Let’s start something new here shall we? A few treats on a Sunday evening to help stave off the Sunday blues and give you some inspiration for Monday and beyond. I share 5 lovely things on a Friday too, you should sign up!

I’ve never had my Tabasco served to me in a syringe. Certainly novel, I do like being able to control the spice level in my Bloody Mary though.

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Chilli is essential to life, although I’ve never served it in a syringe before. This Bloody Mary at Cambridge’s newest pub/restaurant was served by a cheery bartender (studying at Cambridge, as you’ll find with most bar staff in the city) and with a generous syringe full of tabasco sauce. Check out the Old Bicycle Shop’s menu, the food is great and it certainly has the most hipster interior in town.

Maldon-Smoked-Sea-Salt-Flakes-main I’m full on obsessed with smoked sea salt – put it on focaccia, mix it with juicy summer tomatoes and sprinkle it on dark chocolate brownies.  












Whilst I love coffee (especially as I’m not a morning person) am I am a tea first kind of girl, so I love trying new teas. The super lovely people at Teachest sent me a sampler pack to try this week, which I was very impressed with. The little silver packets do remind me of something you’d use to stop the pitter patter of tiny feet (ahem), but I guess they keep the tea fresh! The Prince Miha is such a delicate black tea, the Lychee adds a bright, fruity flavour and the Indian Chai is perfectly spiced.

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I love vegetables! In a fit of healthy eating on a beautifully sunny day, I cooked up this roasted squash cous cous with pesto and feta. Vegetarian food as it should be!













Anyone else ever go to the Chinese supermarket to buy random stuff? I went to a newly opened shop on Wednesday that has an incredible good sweet section, I also got Tiramisu biscuit sticks, like Pocky but a different brand! Need to go back for the almond version of the sesame cookies.

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Disclaimer: Teachest sent me a complimentary pack of tea to review

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