Perfecting Meringues

I finally managed to make good meringues!

They are some that have eluded me for some time, due to bad technique, bad recipes, bad oven, and ok.. a bad baker.

If you know me well enough you know that I don’t like Delia Smith. I find her recipes a bit overly fussy and mainly old fashioned, I guess I am not her target audience. But when talking about meringues everyone tells me that her recipe is the best recipe.

So I gave it a go and it did work. It helped having the timings in the recipe, I made them precise by using the oven timer, but she could have included the timings after you added the sugar, it went a bit vague after that. And you really do have to leave them til they are cold in the oven. It is hard to resist but that is how you get the crisp shell.

You may not want Delia to tell you how to make something from a tin of meat but she can tell how to cook a meringue properly.

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