Perfect Tomato Sauce

tomato butter onion sauce3 Ingredients – tinned tomatoes, an onion and a little knob of butter is all you need to create the perfect tomato sauce, it’s so simple and so so very effective. This is a Marcela Hazan recipe that has been doing the rounds on the internet for a while, and it is the kind of kitchen cheat that you must know about.

I make it when I want a no fuss sauce that will taste like you spent hours in the kitchen, when all you really did was bung some things in a saucepan to simmer whilst you watch TV. Ideally it should be simmered for an hour and a half, but 40 minutes usually does me fine. Take out the onion, add a bit of seasoning, and I have a perfect sauce ready.

Tomato Sauce, serves 4 with pasta

2 tins of plum tomatoes
1 onion
about 20g butter
salt and pepper

Put everything in a large saucepan on a moderate heat and bring to a simmer. Turn down to the lowest heat and simmer for at least 40 minutes but up to 1 hour and half. 

Remove the onion, seasoning again if required, blend the tomatoes and serve in any way you wish.

I use this sauce most frequently as a pasta sauce, but it is very versatile so can be a base for chilli, ragu, curry, to add quinoa or cous cous for extra flavour, or to spread on a pizza base. Making a big batch will also stand you in good stead (it doubles well), it will keep in the fridge for a few days so you can add it to your meals, or pop portions of it in the freezer.

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