Pear Crisps


Did you watch Sweets Made Simple? The couple behind the fabulous sweetie shop Hope and Greenwood had a whole series dedicated to making sweets, perfect TV. I loved watching it and the recipes seemed quite achievable, with the only extra gadget you’ll really need is a sugar thermometer. 

These pear crisps were the easiest of the lot and after being given a huge bag of pears from a colleague I decided to make them.

Pear Crisps

It’s as easy as slicing the pears, keeping the skin on, into thin coins and dusting them with cinnamon sugar. 3 hours in a very low oven, and you have yourself pear crisps!

We’ve been snacking on them with a cuppa, and also having them with pear compote (made with the rest of the pears!) and yogurt for breakfast. A great healthy snack (you could even get away with leaving out the sugar) and they make you feel very autumnal.

pear crisps, compote, yogurt

Find the full recipe here, and watch Sweets Made Simple on BBC iPlayer here.

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