Peach cupcakes

I’ve been craving peaches for a while now and I really did fall hard for this recipe on Smitten Kitchen. So naturally I had to make them.

You don’t see English peaches very often, I don’t think they grow well here so I expect anyone with a healthy peach tree in England keeps the peaches to themselves! So I went for the food miled Spanish peaches at my local farm shop. I consoled myself that at least from the farm shop they’d be a bit better than the watery offerings from the supermarkets.

The peaches were lovely and sweet and they work so well in cupcakes. The cake was very moist and with a lovely sweetness, but not too sweet. I can’t pretend I am good at icing cakes, my effort was very much less neat than the ones exhibted by Deb on Smitten Kitchen, but the frosting tasted as good as I’d hoped it would, which is the main thing!

I think I’ll try these again soon, this time with more of a breakfast muffin approach as suggested by Deb too. I think I’ll swap out a little bit of the flour for oats and add an extra peach into the mix too.


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