Noodle Book by MiMi Aye

ramen burgerThe Noodle! recipe book is one I have been eagerly awaiting, I ordered it months ago after MiMi announced it was on pre-order and I have been looking forward to seeing the work of one of my favourite bloggers in the flesh for ages. It’s so exciting to see bloggers who’ve written passionately on their blogs for years bringing out cookbooks.I was lucky enough to be invited to MiMi’s book launch at the Drapers Arms last week, where I got to meet the lady herself and sample some dishes from the book.

noodle book launch chevdaCheat’s Chevda (Bombay mix, made with rice noodles instead of fried chickpea noodles), Burmese rainbow salad, Bun Cha (pork patties) and ramen burgers were on offer as nibbles and then some wonderful brownies from the Bittersweet Bakery.

The book starts as a great reference book, carefully going through everything you’ll need to know to help you cook noodles – types of noodles, condiments, sauces, and what MiMi calls ‘secret weapons’ to pep up your noodle dishes, and make prep easier. There is lots of variation, there are simpler recipes for mid week meals and complex recipes for when you want to spend some time in the kitchen poring over the book.

wheat noodle salad

The next day I dove straight into the cookbook and made the Khao Swe Thohk – a Simple Wheat Salad from Burma – just the thing on a boiling hot day, and great with some chilli prawns and greens. I made extra and had it for lunch the next day with more greens.

I’ve also made Burmese Coconut Chicken Noodles again, Ohn No Khao Swe, which is one of my favourite recipes from Mimi’s blog, and also features in the book.

noodle book launch-002

Next on the list Curry Laksa, Beijing Bolognese and of course that cheat’s Bombay mix! You can buy Noodle book here. Happy Noodling 🙂

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