Macarons – v2

I made macarons a little while ago and they weren’t quite perfect, they tasted amazing but they didn’t have the little ‘feet’ – mainly because I didn’t age the egg whites, and they weren’t quite as uniform as I’d like.

These aren’t quite as perfect again, I think macaron making definitely takes practice. I did age the whites and I got a nice crisp shell and ‘feet’ on my macarons. But I think I needed to pipe them a little smaller, as they were a bit ungainly, macarons are meant to be a delicate and sophisticated French sweet after all.

The macaron shells were flavoured with my new favourite thing – vanilla bean paste, and made pretty with a few drops of red food colouring, for a pinky colour. I sandwiched with lemon curd again, but I am going to try buttercream or maybe a chocolate ganache next time.

Despite their appearance they do taste fantastic, which some would say is the main thing.

I used Ruth’s recipe from her blog – The Pink Whisk.

Macaron makers – do you have any tips for me?

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