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I’ve been doing some good eating lately (whilst trying to lose a bit of weight, hmmmm, not working), so I thought I’d condense some of the yummy things into one post.

First off, lovely greengages in my garden. The wasps are eating most of them but we managed to save a few, a recipe coming up soon for Plum Crumble Bars.

Have any of you been watching The Good Cook? I’m sure I’ve seen Simon Hopkinson before but I can’t remember where, and wikipedia doesn’t jog my memory, but that is beside the point! I have really been enjoying the programme, the filming is interesting – sometimes over the top – and the recipes are really really good. I made the aubergine feta and parsley recipe over the weekend and it was fantastic. Sure to please veggies and meat eaters. Next on my list is the baked parpadelle, cheese and onion pie and the piedmontese peppers.

Next up, broccoli pesto. I like pestoing (I made a new word!) things. Asparagus, peas, broad beans, and of course basil. In my attempts to be healthier I tried out the Double Broccoli Quinoa recipe on 101 cookbooks for lunches this week. The pesto is nice, a little more woody than other vegetables – I think a handful of sweet frozen peas would help here. Although I also skipped the cream to be healthier, which is probably what it needs.

Last Saturday I asked Twitter where to go for a decent  coffee and a slice of cake in Cambridge, The lovely Miss Sue Flay suggested Jocalatte on Burleigh Street. I was not disappointed! Lovely fresh homemade cakes, great coffee and in a beautiful vintage style tea room setting. I’ll be going again. They also do little homemade chocolates and cute cupcakes.

I think that is my foodie round up done, a new recipe featuring greengages coming tomorrow 🙂


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  1. The Bibliophile
    August 14, 2011 at 2:13 pm (9 years ago)

    Wish I’d heard of Jocalatte before I moved to London DX Clearly I’m going to have to return to Cambridge to visit it as that cake looks very yummy.


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