Dinner with Capsicana cook sauces [review]

capsicana cook saucesI’ve long been a fan of Capsicana, their dried chillies are perfect for making homemade masala and for adding to my favourite Mexican food. Following his fantastic rebrand (love it) Ben got in touch to offer his new Latin-inspired cook sauces for review, which I’ve been experimenting with for the last few weeks.

They came at just the right time, we were getting stuck in a bit of a pasta rut! The combinations of chilli with flavourings like honey, garlic and coconut make it easy to quickly make a meal without having to prepare too many ingredients.

Moqueca with salmon

Salmon, Moqueca style with chilli and coconut cook sauce

A Brazilian style sauce with a nice punch of garlic and rich, fruity frutescens chillies. The coconut lends a nice sweetness, and bulks up the sauce nicely. These flavours are usually the basis of Brazilian Moqueca – a stew made with prawns,  but I decided to try flaky salmon instead. The creamy fish worked well with the fruity sauce, with rice and salad, it was comforting and filling. The sauce is labelled medium, but we found it fairly mild heat wise.

Chicken Fajitas-001

Chicken Fajitas – Mexican chilli and garlic cook sauce

Quick, flavoursome and delicious! This sauce is fantastic for quick fajitas – just fry up peppers, onion and some meat (or portobello mushrooms for veggies) and serve with warm tortillas and cheese. This sauce was labelled as hot, but for us it was medium (maybe we are masochists), but there was plenty of garlic to add enough flavour.

halloumi fry

Halloumi Summer Stew – with Peruvian chilli and lemon sauce

After trying two South American dishes I decided to switch things up with this quick, light summer stew. The sauce itself is mild-medium (labelled medium) and fragrant with coriander, lemon and amarillo chillies. I expect this would be lovely brushed onto chicken and grilled on the barbecue. I made this stew by first frying pepper and courgette in a large high-sided frying pan, before adding halloumi which had been marinating in the sauce for 15 minutes. Pop some frozen peas in just before the halloumi and simmer until the halloumi softens and the sauce thickens slightly. We had this as it was, but it would be great with flatbreads and yogurt.

Overall we really enjoyed the sauces, they had lots of interesting flavours inside them, tasted fresh and were easy to use. We found the chilli level a bit mild, but we do like our heat and its nothing a bit of sauce or chilli can’t solve. I’d definitely keep a couple of these in the cupboard for standby, as they make meal prep very easy.

You can buy Capsicana cook sauces online via Sous Chef. They’re also stocked locally (Cambridgeshire) at Burwash Larder and at the Gog Magog Farm Shop. Find Ben on Twitter too!

I was sent these sauces for review, but as you may imagine my opinions on the product are entirely my own! Thank you for the review samples, Ben. 

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