Crunchy Falafel Pittas – Mob Kitchen

IMG_20170513_182629I get kind of grumpy when I make falafels. Something about blended chickpeas just doesn’t agree with me, and I’ve tried and failed so many times to make falafels (and houmous too). After one too many tantrums involving wallpaper paste chickpea batter, I gave up. I eat other people’s falafels. They’re good. I don’t cry.

Enter Mob Kitchen! They have mastered the homemade falafel and I’m so damn grateful to them. THANK YOU.

Ben from Mob Kitchen got in touch to see if I’d like to try one of their recipes created for the Vegetarian Society, as part of National Vegetarian Week. One of the recipes on the list was falafels. I looked at it. I looked at the lovely spinach cannelloni and the spicy veggie curry. I went back to the falafels. They looked so good. Could I do this? Could I?


I realise I’m creating more of a heroic saga here than is strictly necessary, but I do want you to realise how much I hate trying to make falafels. Well, guys, the Mob Kitchen falafel recipe worked. And it was incredibly good. My vegetarian husband looked like he wanted to marry me all over again when I served up them up for dinner.

What’s great about this recipe is that the ingredients list is fairly simple, because Mob Kitchen’s recipes are designed to feed four people for just £10. So no overly fancy ingredients, simple methods and lots of flavour. The mix is just chickpeas, onion, garlic, flour and spices. This also makes the falafels vegan!

You can fry them for maximum crunchiness, or bake them to reduce the faff level. The fried versions are definitely better, but the baked versions are also incredibly good too.

Find the full recipe on Mob Kitchen’s Instagram page, plus more of their veggie faves for National Vegetarian Week.

This post is a collaboration with Mob Kitchen but my opinions and love for falafel are all my own.


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