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In between all the cake baking and eating out I do fit in some healthy meals. I get a veg box delivered every fortnight so our meals are very vegetable focused and despite being a bit of a fruit phobic I am trying to eat more fresh fruit during the day. I do still have to have some chocolate at least once a day. Moving on to topic, I’ve seen a lot of diet food delivery services popping up lately although most of them seem to be ready meals which don’t look all that healthy to me.

Recently Jenny from Cambridge Superfoods very kindly offered me one day trial of their healthy meal delivery service. They are quite different from the usual, all the food is made fresh the day before (the smoothies that morning) and ingredients are local where possible.

Your parcel of food is delivered to you each morning, every weekday for as long as you sign up to the plan. Jenny delivered to my work, I can tell you it is a very nice feeling having someone come and deliver all your meals for the day, one less thing to worry about doing!

I started off with a peanut butter, blueberry and banana smoothie, sweetened with agave syrup, the peanut butter made it very filling. Around 11am I got a bit peckish, and I had some lovely sweet pineapple slices to eat.

Lunch was a broccoli, pea, potato and goats cheese frittata with beetroot salad and mustard dressing (sorry about the awful photo taken in the office seating area). I warmed the frittata slightly and popped it back on the salad – a very filling lunch. I was feeling very virtuous at this point – and I hadn’t eaten anything other than what was in the parcel.

For the inevitable afternoon snack attack I was provided with strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. I was feeling the lack of carbs a little by now, which I think is a sign that I need to eat less of them!

When I got home from work I had an extra treat which isn’t normally included in the parcel – some gorgeous little raw chocolate hearts, sweetened with agave and flavoured with vanilla. They were really nice, they weren’t bitter like normal dark chocolate. Lovely with a cup of redbush tea.

Dinner was definitely the highlight, and something I’ll be trying to make for myself when I have some time. Prawns marinated in olive oil served with a vegetable packed tomato and paprika sauce with quinoa and lots of crumbly feta. I fried the prawns for probably slightly longer than I should have done but they caramelised and were soft on the inside and crispy on the outside as a result. It was very filling and felt all the better for being good for you.

I really enjoyed trying this out but I think I’m an experienced enough cook to take on healthy cooking myself. It is however ideal if you are stuck in an unhealthy eating rut because of lack of time or cooking experience. Everything is so fresh and each day and week there is a different menu.

For more information about Cambridge Superfoods visit the site, Jenny delivers to most areas in and around Cambridge.

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