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Homemade Paneer

homemade paneer-003Make your own cheese! Homemade paneer is surprisingly easy, and you only need two ingredients – whole milk and lemon juice. You just need to slowly boil milk, add the lemon and then strain when it separates into curds and whey. (more…)

Vegetarian Dining in Paris

eiffel tower Earlier this month I celebrated a very important birthday in the beautiful city of Paris. We’ve visited once before and it was lovely to see the city again, we revisited some of our favourite places to eat and tracked down some new places. From my research it seemed like Paris was becoming easier for vegetarians, the hipsters have certainly landed (I think they are called bobos in Paris) and this means their cafes and restaurants nearly always have a vegetarian option, and it’s not your usual salade au chevre either. Mr was very happy for the few days we spent in the city as he ate well instead of being drowned in cheese based dishes.


Aloo Tikki Style Celeriac Cakes – Using Up Sunday Leftovers

Following on from my last post about a Baked Celeriac Sunday roast, here is a quick recipe for using up the leftovers! I had about 1/4 of celeriac left so I combined this with some mashed potato (if you have roast potatoes left these work too) and lots of spices to create an aloo tikki style cake, which made for a simple Monday dinner. (more…)

Vegetarian Sunday Roast – Baked Celeriac & Mushroom Gravy

The thing I miss the most about Mr going veggie is the roast dinners. I love putting lots of herbs and butter on a chicken and roasting it for a while before adding all the necessary trimmings. Poussin is not the same before you ask. (more…)

Mushroom Lasagne

Vegetarians tend to get a raw deal when it comes to lasagne – either rubbery soy mince in a lacklustre sauce or underdone vegetables that tend to not belong in a lasagne. This mushroom lasagne is deeply savoury with a rich cheese sauce, just as comforting as a meat lasagne.  (more…)

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