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Amaretto Mulled Wine

Just a quickie here. I saw this recipe for Amaretto Mulled Wine on the Domestic Sluttery blog and all I can say is DO THIS NOW*. For one, Amaretto is great and wonderful, and for two adding it to mulled wine makes it one hundred times more Christmassy. You should preferably have it with some Christmassy biscuits like I did.

Hope all my readers have a Merry Christmas!

*Ok maybe not now if you are reading this blog post just as I’ve written it at 11am. But you know, maybe you should, it is Christmas.

Brown Butter Tomatoes

Tomatoes go with olive oil, right? That is what I have always though, and whilst it does I was very intrigued by this recipe for brown butter tomatoes which popped up on Food52, and then again on Last Night’s Dinner (by the way, I am very glad Jen is blogging again, you should read her blog). Also the simplicity of it appealed to me. I made some quinoa and chopped up lots of fresh basil and parsley, added some olive oil and plenty of seasoning, that made the base of the meal. Good quality tomatoes sliced up on top (not fridge cold, they should be room temperature), pour over the brown butter, season and then some creamy mozzarella to finish it off.

Perfect easy meal on a hot day and the butter surprisingly works very well.

"white" pizza revisited

I found a recipe in Olive magazine for courgette and ricotta pizza which inspired me revisit my white pizza recipe.

The base was first spread with ricotta mixed in with crushed garlic and seasoning. Then very finely sliced courgette (a mandolin is good here, or the slightly ineffective slicer thing on a grater), black olives, basil and a little sprinkling of parmesan. It was gorgeous, less heavy than tomato + mozzarella and the perfect summer recipe.

We’re growing some (pretty sad looking) courgette plants this year so I’m hoping to recreate this again with our homegrown yellow courgettes, if they grow.

Ridiculously Good Oreo Fudge Brownies

Bet you are already thinking about when you can next bake.

I am very late to this party, I saw the brownies on Lorraine Pascale’s show a few months ago (ok it was January, doesn’t seem that long ago!) and ooohed over them and then never got round to making them, which is my usual trick. Ireena made them and so did Katie and I ooohed again.
I kept on buying oreo cookies and they’d get opened and suddenly there were no more oreos. So I bought a pack and hid them at the back of the cupboard for a few weeks, and finally today I made oreo brownies.

I make a lot of brownies but I think these might be the best. Rich, sweet and almost moussey in the middle (from whisking eggs, something I’ve never done for brownies) and very crispy on top – and then you get an oreo in there too – magic!

You should definitely try these, I think they’d be great in place of birthday cake or even for a dinner party. Or for, you know, eating two in a row. The brownie base itself without the cookies is a great one.

I made three alterations – I didn’t include the 2 extra egg yolks – mainly because I didn’t have enough eggs but really I felt it was a bit unnecessary. The chocolate was just broken into small pieces, I think grating chocolate would get melty and messy! And I had some fudge chunks lying around so I put those on top before baking, they melted into the batter and then when cooled became crispy and sticky, yum!

Recipe on BBC Food.

Asparagus, Broad Bean & Feta Pesto Dip

Ok so that is a long title, but I did want to fit in all the yummy things I put in this.

I intended to make it a version of this Asparagus Pesto but I didn’t have quite enough Asparagus and some broad beans, and some feta. So I whizzed it all up with some oil, garlic and pinenuts to make this delicious pesto/dip.

The asparagus season is nearly over, so you’ll have to be quick to find some before it goes out of season. 

I served it stirred into spaghetti but I think it would make a really lovely dip, or an alternative to guacamole perhaps? It does have raw garlic in it so maybe if you are serving it for dipping a garlic oil or roasted garlic might take away the pungency a bit, it depends if you are in company afterwards.

This is quite a flexible recipe, you can add and take away things and work to the consistency you get as you make it.

Asparagus, Broad Bean and Feta Pesto Dip

5-6 stalks of Asparagus, cut into about 1 inch pieces.
about 5-6 broad bean pods, podded and shelled
approx 1 tablespoon of good quality olive oil
50g pine nuts, toasted
about 2 inch piece of feta, crumbled
1 clove of garlic
splash of water
1/4 red chili with seeds

Toast your pinenuts in a dry pan. Then boil some water and cook your asparagus for just one minute at a rolling boil.
Whizz up all your ingredients in a food processor, add more oil if you need a looser mixture. Taste and season.

Stir into pasta, add to a sandwich, serve as a dip, whatever you can think of!

Yum. 🙂

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