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Chocolate & Coconut ‘Bounty’ Cake

Bounty cake-001As a teenager I was hopelessly addicted to chocolate, on the way home from school I would visit the corner shop and spend my pocket money, and later my hard earned paper round money, on a bar of my current favourite chocolate. Top of the list were Bounty bars, along with Wispas and the sadly departed Fuse Bar. There was a novelty about Bountys, maybe it was the two sections that made them different, or the ‘taste of paradise’ ad campaign which made them seem more exotic than a chocolate bar purchased from a newsagent in Northampton in the late 90s.

Inspired by one of my favourite chocolate bars, I baked this ‘Bounty’ cake for a recent Clandestine Cake Club meet – the theme of which was retro sweets and chocolate bars. The sponge is light and to emulate the milky chocolate and the cake is sandwich with whipped up cream with a dash of coconut milk and toasted desiccated coconut folded in. It’s not a rich chocolate cake but a light, sweet treat which pays homage to the sweet bar. (more…)


Raita, or raitu as it’s normally called in Gujarati, is synonymous with Indian food, and made in lots of different ways in different regions of India. This recipe is the one I grew up eating, it’s really simple to make and can be whipped up just before serving, whilst the curry bubbles away on the hob. You can find black mustard seeds in most Indian grocers and some bigger supermarkets.


Quick Cardamom Creme Brûlée

cardamom creme brulee
Weeknight puddings! Puddings are important and just because it is a an evening after work, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have puddings. After a trying day or a cold day a pudding is my saviour, whether that be some meringues and strawberries mixed together with a little sweetened creme fraiche or a scoop of ice cream with a few nuts and honey or something fancier like these creme brûlées. (more…)

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