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Tamarind Fish Curry

tamarind fish curry

Sour, sweet and deeply savoury Tamarind is a brilliant ingredient used widely in Indian cooking, it’s often used in chutneys, called amli, and used to fill pani puri or drizzled over the top of crunchy¬†bhel puri. It also works really well to add something different to curry, and it goes really well with delicate, creamy fish.¬† (more…)


Raita, or raitu as it’s normally called in Gujarati, is synonymous with Indian food, and made in lots of different ways in different regions of India. This recipe is the one I grew up eating, it’s really simple to make and can be whipped up just before serving, whilst the curry bubbles away on the hob. You can find black mustard seeds in most Indian grocers and some bigger supermarkets.


Aloo Tikki Style Celeriac Cakes – Using Up Sunday Leftovers

Following on from my last post about a Baked Celeriac Sunday roast, here is a quick recipe for using up the leftovers! I had about 1/4 of celeriac left so I combined this with some mashed potato (if you have roast potatoes left these work too) and lots of spices to create an aloo tikki style cake, which made for a simple Monday dinner. (more…)

Restaurant Review – Red Onion Essex & Indian Food in the UK

I was recently contacted by a new Indian restaurant in Saffron Walden (Essex / Cambridgeshire border), Red Onion, to try out their menu. This post is two things really, a review of the restaurant and some ponderings about Indian food in the UK. (more…)

Samosas from Scratch

Crispy, delicately spiced samosas made from scratch, read on for my recipe for authentic Gujarati samosas – pastry and filling. (more…)

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