12 hours in Copenhagen


If you could go somewhere great for £56.82 would you? 

What do you do when you have a dwindling holiday allocation*, the desire to get away and cheap flights? A quick dash to Copenhagen, that’s what!

Its been on our list for some time, and it was my husband’s birthday and we wanted to do something more interesting this year. I should give him credit for the idea, after I drew a blank he went off to the Ryanscare website and came back with the question above.

A tentative yes, and about half an hour later we’d booked the early flight out and the last flight back from Copenhagen.


Turns out we picked the perfect city to do in a day. It is a really compact, very walkable city, once you’re off the metro from the airport you can walk everywhere in no time. And it is very flat, which makes things easier!

Here’s our day, in no particular order!


At Hallernes Smorrebrod, Tovehallerne – me in a stripy top photographing sandwiches.

IMG_4071Husband’s open sandwich – sliced potatoes, mayonnaise, crispy fried onion (amazing) and chives on dark rye.

My open sandwich – very fresh cured salmon, shaved fennel, pickles and dill.

IMG_4077The one and only photo you’ll see of my husband, the back of his head and the pretty bike he didn’t realise I’d stopped to snap!

IMG_4081The stunning (and free!) botanic gardens – so perfect on a sunny day and plenty of places to discover and spots to relax in. Loads of cute dogs.

IMG_4084The Danish love a bit of retro design.

IMG_4088Rosenberg Slot (castle).

IMG_4098Chocolate cake with a sticky hazelnut chocolate caramel topping, or the best thing ever. From the Det Ren Brod bakery.

IMG_4134Hans’ gaff.

IMG_4139Perfect flat white at the Copenhagen Coffee Lab. Just coffee, no messing, plenty of hipster overtones.

IMG_4142Tivoli Gardens was a bit of a tacky nightmare, maybe its better with kids, if you like rollercoasters and at night? The water comes in these cool cartons though.

IMG_4152Pre-flight pizza at Gorms Pizza back at the Tovehallerne.

IMG_4157The park opposite the Rosenberg Slot – more cute dogs.

IMG_4160Obviously there were Moomins. This was at the Normann homewares shop which is much more scandi-chic than this picture represents.


Copenhagen was a perfect day trip location, the locals are really lovely and the whole city is much more relaxed that other European cities we’ve been to. We’d definitely go back for longer and include a trip across the bridge to Sweden too. I’d also totally recommend doing a little European jaunt like this (especially whilst travel around Europe is still easy for the meantime), its tiring but so fun! Make sure you have lots of coffee on standby the next day…

*one day I won’t have my remaining holiday allowance burned on to my brain from year to year


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